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I'm your unfair advantage.

Nice to meet you!

Nope, not just a writer. I'm a marketing strategist, audience researcher, and conversion specialist.


'Cause if you're looking for "just a writer" to craft the copy for your business, you'll end up with pretty words that fill space... but not your bank account. 

There are so many ways to write "decent" copy that blandly blends into the background or cringingly tries too hard. 

That's not what I'm here to do.

So let's dig into the messaging your audience really needs to hear.

Let's wake 'em up to what they deserve -- and why you're just the person to give it to 'em.


Let's intoxicate them with understanding, boldness, and personality.


(So they're reaching for their wallets before you even say "Buy now".) 

But you clicked "about me" to learn about ~me~ 

so sit back and get ready for my origin story... (kinda)

Dorky Beginnings: After that awkward "learning to eat, wipe, and read" phase following birth, I spent most of my years eating lunch in the library. I was "that kid". Reading, writing, and getting nervous in social interactions was my forte. My grades were award-winning, and my dream was to be a famous novelist.

Always Touchin' Road: Highschool ended with a full year exchange to Japan. Since then, travel has been my passion. I've spent countless months backpacking all over the place, and I'm always moving to a different city. It broke me out of my shell. I learned the intricacies of communication in everything from exchanging ideas to haggling over hand-woven sarongs. I didn't know it, but the foundations of good marketing were already being built.

Childhood Dream and Adult Passion Combine: Discovering the art and science of copywriting was a breakthrough moment. Could I really make a living with my writing and keep traveling? Um, yep! Not only that, but I'd be helping other people turn their passions and dreams into a livelihood, too. This was something I knew I could do forever, happily. So I learned everything I could, found badass mentors, and started working with amazing clients. Which leads us to...

World Domination: This chapter isn't finished yet. It's gonna be killer though. Stacks of cash, Mad Men-style montages, action, intrigue. I'm looking for someone to play the role of Client (great perks), you in?

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