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Are you marketing your business by

throwing words at the wall

and seeing what sticks?

Listen. You're not making spaghetti.
You're building a livelihood.

Your audience has psychological triggers, desires, and pains that they want someone to understand.


Right now your ideal client is browsing the web. Waiting to see the words that align with them, pull them towards something they need, and push them to act.


And what's your copy doing?

Sliding down the wall like a soggy noodle.

Because it isn't data-driven, laser targeted, researched, conversion focused, human. It's a guess.

But hey - it's not your fault. Your expertise lies in your biz. And that's why I'm here. I gotchu. 


Got an awesome product or service to offer, but having a hard time converting leads?


Not sure how to get people onto your email list (and keep them engaged)?


Need to get your email list pumped and scrambling for your product or service?

Unsure why your copy isn’t converting?


Feeling creatively constipated every time you sit down to write?

Not afraid of being bold and letting the personality of your brand shine through your copy, attracting your target audience and filtering out the square pegs?

Then yeah - we probably are!


Copy Teardown


Full video review of your pre-existing copy (1 page)

Turnaround time: 72 hours

Sales Page Masterpiece

$1500 - $1MILLION


Dump your ideas on me and I'll do the rest. Audience research, customer outreach, data-driven and personality infused writing. Get it all here!

Custom quotes based on project.

Turnaround time: Will vary


Email Campaign Strategy


Full email sequence strategy for your next campaign (Between 5-10 emails)

Turnaround time: 72 hours

Email Campaign


Custom quote based on your email campaign strategy

Turnaround time: 1 – 2 weeks

Lead Generation Bundle


Lead magnet and 5-email welcome sequence

Turnaround time: 1 – 2 weeks