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"Why YOU

    and not the other guy?"

Help your target market alleviate their fears, buzz with desire, and realize exactly why YOU are the obvious choice.

My name's Rachael and I write conversion copy.

Which means you get:



Competitor analysis, voice of customer research, heatmaps/ user recorded sessions, etc. In other words; I don't guess when I write your copy.



Let's get right inside your customer's brain, pull up a chair, and have a chat with messaging that tugs at their neurons.



CRO is an ongoing process that involves feedback, tweaking, and testing (rinse, repeat). Grab your labcoat, I'll get the goggles.

When you work with me, you also get:

Clear, sexy visuals. Ah, yes. Nothing like a beautiful wireframe to communicate the enticing way your copy should fit into the final page design.

Brand personality. 9 out of 10 doctors agree that brands with personality help prevent keyboard related head trauma in 80% of customer cases.*

An explanation of my strategy. Most of my copy packages come with a short video explaining the research and thought process behind the copy. 

*This is not a real study.

Here are a bunch of nice things people have said about me:

Joel-testimonial photo.jpeg
Joel Klettke
Founder of Case Study Buddy & Business Casual Copywriting

"I've written for billion-dollar brands like HubSpot on high-stakes projects impacting tens of millions in revenue. I can count on one hand the number of contractors I trust enough to pull in on projects.

Rachael is one of them.


I can say with confidence that Rachael cares about getting it right, and has a process for doing so.


She does her homework: analyzing data, studying customers, and framing up her copy in a way that considers the pains, goals, and language of the audience. She considers context, awareness levels, and competing offers when constructing her arguments.

Even though I really don't want to share, I'd recommend her in a heartbeat."

Hillary Weiss Testimonial Image 2.jpeg
Hillary Weiss Presswood
Founder of Statement Piece Studio

"Working with Rachael was an absolute dream. As a high-level copywriter for nearly a decade, I'm very picky about who I choose to collaborate with, and Rachael ticked absolutely every box -- creativity, and encyclopedic grip on strategy, and understanding of data, and all-around just a fabulous attitude.


She's wonderfully responsive to feedback and completely dedicated to making sure your copy gets the results you're after. Trust me on this one: Hire her now before all her time gets snapped up by people like me. ;) "

Adam Heitzman
Managing Partner at Higher Visibility

"Super Impressed! Rachael wrote the copy for a new website our agency is developing and we came away extremely impressed with the final output.


She asked in-depth questions aimed at accomplishing our goal all while making the copy speak to our target audience. Use her for your next project and you won't be disappointed."

Adam Heitzman (highervisibility)testimon
Tyler Cooper
Co-Founder of Socratik SEO Agency
Tyler Cooper (socratik) testimonial pic.

"Rachael wrote the copy for my SEO agency's website, and I couldn't be happier with the finished product. She asked difficult questions that were designed to pull out our unique angle, and crafted our responses into strong, high-converting copy.


It was a pleasure working with Rachael, and I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of copywriting."

Rachael is excellent to work with. Exceptional quality. Writing was completed ahead of deadline and most importantly - exactly as requested. Engaging, conversational style. I have recommended her to a few colleagues. If you need serious results - Hire her!

—  Eddie Brim, Health Marketer

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